Samsung B3310

A candidate for the oddest looking phone of 2009 is the Samsung B3310. And to be blunt, by "odd" we really mean "ugly".
 Samsung B3310

This is a fairly straightforward GSM device with a 2" 240 x 320 pixel display, a 2 megapixel camera, multimedia player, FM radio, stereo Bluetooth and microSD expandable memory. There's a compact slide-out QWERTY keyboard.. and of course the most obvious thing is the bizarre set of number keys along one side.

Putting the keys down the side has been tried before, notably with the Siemens SX1 and the Nokia 7600. But this sort of arrangement has never really caught on, probably because it isn't really very easy to use. However, on the Samsung B3310, the number keys double as an extra row above the QWERTY keys when the keyboard is slid open.. we suspect that this is of minimal use though.

 Samsung B3310 The QWERTY keyboard on the B3310 is a little unconventional too - the bottom row of letters is split by a small space bar and a key labelled SYM, and overall the arrangement is very compact but it could be annoying for some users.

This is one of those Samsungs that has a heavy emphasis on social networking sites, with support for Facebook, MySpace and Picasa included. All the usual features such as a web browser and email client are here as well.

The Samsung B3310 also makes phone calls, and this is a quad-band GSM device with support for EDGE and GPRS data (but no 3G). It is fairly small at 91 x 54 x 17mm and it comes in at 101 grams. Talktime is quoted as 5 hours with about 15 days standby time.

It isn't a pretty phone to look at, but it is at least very distinctive. The Samsung B3310 is available now across Europe, with SIM-free prices coming in at about €140 in the shops.

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