Nokia 6350

The Nokia 6350 is a fairly simple 3G clamshell phone with the interesting addition of a GPS receiver. Announced exclusively on the US AT&T network, the 6350 should start to ship this month for just under $30 when taken with a two-year contract.

 Nokia 6350

This is a tri-band 3G phone, supporting 850, 1900 and 2100 MHz WCDMA. This means that the Nokia 6350 can be used by AT&T customers when they travel worldwide, and as you might expect this is backed up with quad-band GSM as well.

The built-in GPS is paired with AT&T's Navigator application, although the small 2" QVGA screen isn't ideal for this sort of task. The 6350 does give audible turn-by-turn directions, so it is possible to use it in a car using audio prompts alone.

This is a Series 40 device, using Nokia's popular and simple non-smartphone operating system. All the usual Nokia features are here including a music player, web browser and email client. In this case, the standard Nokia software has been enhanced by some AT&T specific applications for sharing videos and accessing multimedia.

The Nokia 6350 has stereo Bluetooth, microSD expandable memory, a small 2.5mm audio socket, and integrated handsfree speakerphone. Charging and data transfer is done through a microUSB connector, and there is also a small 128 x 160 pixel external display with dedicated media keys underneath.

It's pretty lightweight for a 3G clamshell, weighing 3.61 ounces (or 103 grams). Talktime from the 1050 mAh battery quoted as 4 hours on 3G with 14 days standby time.

It's not a million miles away from the Nokia 3710 in terms of specification, and it shows that Nokia can add useful GPS features to relatively low-end devices.

Available colours are red and graphite, and Nokia say that the 6350 should be available from 4th October onwards from AT&T retail stores and online.

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nintendo dsi r4 said...

cannot able to hear when it rings! Nokia support is useless! They actually told me to buy another product if i did not like this model...i will go back to moto.

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