LG GD510 Pop Preview

LG have gone a bit touch screen mad recently, but the new LG GD510 Pop is certainly a little different from most.

The GD510 has a large 3" 400 x 240 pixel display and a 3 megapixel camera on the back. LG have been a little vague about the rest of the specifications, but it does appear to be an HSDPA-capable device with a multimedia player and FM radio. We're not sure if the GD510 Pop is WiFi capable though.

 LG GD510 Back LG have given the GD510 Pop a very narrow bezel around the screen, just 4.8mm along the left and right hand sides. In other words, the Pop is a very compact phone despite the large screen size. There id a single multifunction button on the front and a few ancillary keys around the edge, but otherwise the LG GD510 has a very minimalist design.

One neat feature is the optional solar panel that fits over the rear cover. Presumably this will cost extra, although the price of small panels like this is coming down all the time.

LG say that the GD510 Pop should be available exclusively through Carphone Warehouse stores in the UK from November onwards, and presumably it will also be available in other "Phone House" shops throughout Europe. LG didn't give any guidance on price, but the Pop is pitching to the same market as the LG Cookie, so we would guess that it would be about €160 SIM-free at launch.

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