INQ Mini 3G

The INQ Mini 3G is a conventional-looking phone aimed at people who use social networking sites. With fully integrated support for Facebook, Twitter, Skype, popular email clients and instant messaging, the Mini 3G follows on from the well-regarded INQ1 and Skypephone handsets.

It shares many features in common with the upcoming INQ Chat 3G, but the Mini 3G is a much simpler and more conventional device. There's a 2.2" 240 x 320 pixel display, a very basic 2 megapixel camera and 3.5G support, although there's no WiFi or GPS on this model.

Media synchronisation is done using doubleTwist which gives a high degree of flexibility with music (including iTunes), video and stills files. The media player can deal with most media types except Windows Media, although we think that doubleTwist may help with converting these to a format that the mini 3G can deal with.

The social networking applications are fully integrated into the phone, unlike some other devices where they are very obviously an add-on. Additional Java and BREW applications can be downloaded, and the INQ Mini 3G can switch between them using a dedicated key.

Despite the name, the Mini 3G isn't particularly "Mini" as it is the same size as most conventional monoblock phones. At 103 x 46 x 13mm, it will certainly be a pocket friendly device. This is a 3.5G capable device which can also be used as a tethered modem on a laptop.

Looks are a bit generic, but it's a more attractive phone than the INQ1 and it certainly matches the Chat 3G in terms of branding.

INQ Mobile say that the Mini 3G should be available during Q4 2009, presumably on the 3 network. No pricing was given, but we think that this will form part of a good value package when it hits the shops.

INQ Mini 3G at a glance

Available: Q4 2009

Network: GSM + UMTS

Data: GPRS + UMTS (3G) + HSDPA

Screen: 2.2" 240 x 320 pixels

Camera: 2 megapixels

Size: Standard monoblock 103 x 46 x 13mm

Bluetooth: Yes

Memory card: microSD

Infra-red: No

Polyphonic: Yes

Java: Yes (plus BREW)


OS: Proprietary

Battery life: Not specified

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