INQ Chat 3G

One of a pair of handsets launched at the same time by INQ, the INQ Chat 3G is a BlackBerry-style device designed with social networking in mind.

 INQ Chat 3G

Featuring integrated support for Facebook, Twitter, Skype, various types of instant messaging and email clients, the INQ Chat 3G should make using these applications very easy. How do we know this? Well, the INQ Chat 3G follows on from the Facebook-friendly INQ1 and the Skypephone which both did their jobs very well.

One obvious feature of the INQ Chat 3G is the full QWERTY keyboard underneath a fairly standard 2.4" 320 x 240 pixel display. There's a 3.2 megapixel camera with autofocus on the back, and usefully the INQ Chat 3G also supports GPS. You can use the INQ Chat 3G as an HSDPA tethered modem, but there's no WiFi support.

Media synchronisation is a little bit interesting - the INQ Chat 3G can synchronise directly with iTunes or Windows Media libraries using doubleTwist which gives a high degree of flexibility.

The application set includes "Over the Air" (OTA) updates, so they can be updated automatically from the phone itself rather than messing about with a PC-based package. Applications can run on Java or BREW, but this isn't really a smartphone in the traditional sense of the word. The INQ Chat 3G supports multitasking via a dedicated rocker key that switches between apps.

Cosmetically, this is a fairly good looking handset. The first INQ-branded phone, the INQ1 was a bit dull to look at, but the glossy finish and rounded lines of the Chat 3G do at least manage to inject a bit of style.

The INQ Chat 3G should be available during Q4 2009 (in time for Christmas), most likely exclusively on the 3 network as both INQ and 3 are owned by the same company. If this is combined with 3's usual good value call plans, then we think that this could be a very attractive proposition.

Available: Q4 2009

Network: GSM + UMTS

Data: GPRS + UMTS (3G) + HSDPA

Screen: 2.4", 320 x 240 pixels

Camera: 3.2 megapixels

Size: Messaging device
115 x 51 x 13mm

Bluetooth: Yes

Memory card: microSD

Infra-red: No

Polyphonic: Yes

Java: Yes (plus BREW)

GPS: Yes

OS: Proprietary

Battery life: Not specifed

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