Samsung S9110 Watch Phone

You probably didn't know that you wanted a phone that you could wear as a watch, but Samsung and some other manufacturers seem to think that you do, and they have given us a preview of the Samsung S9110.

Full technical details are not currently available for the S9110, but we do know that this phone is just under 12mm thick and has a 1.76 inch touchscreen display.

The S9110 comes with an MP3 player, Bluetooth and voice recognition support. Samsung say that the S9110 synchronises with Microsoft Outlook and you can even read your emails on it.

There's not much more to go on, except that the S9110 will cost about €450 when it goes on sale in France sometime this year. Presumably it will be available in other countries too, although perhaps you will need to find a specialist retailer.

It's all very clever, and while we admit that the S9110 would be a pretty cool thing to own.. we can't really see what the point is. We don't know exactly when the phone will be available, but rumours say that the S9110 should be out sometime this summer.

Samsung S9110 at a glance

Available: 2009

Network: GSM

Data: GPRS, other data not specified

Screen: 1.76", resolution not specified

Camera: No

Size: Watch phone

Bluetooth: Yes

Memory card: No

Infra-red: No

Polyphonic: Yes

Java: Not specified


OS: Proprietary

Battery life: Not specified

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