Modu modular phone hits the shelves, at long last

So here we have it folks - the modular phone, produces by the Israel-based company Modu has finally hit the shelves. No less than 17 months after we first got a glimpse of a working prototype back at the MWC 2008 the device is now actually available.

Cellcom Israel will offer the handset along with a modest choice of jackets that only go as far as diversifying the looks slightly and adding a proper keypad to the lightest cellphone in the world. Priced at 125 US dollars, Modu doesn't sound as too bad of a deal but it is hardly what we really expected to see.

Yes, we were quite impressed the first time we got a glimpse of it - the concept being extremely cool, novel and all. But two years later and you will probably understand why our enthusiasm has cooled down.

We are hoping that more jackets will be ready until the Modu phone hits the shelves in Europe, Southeast Asia and South America later this year. We suppose potential users will be more willing to get one of those cameraphone jackets or touchscreen jackets that are rumored to be in production.

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